Are you fucking kidding me? Like, no, Shakespeare wouldn’t tweet a sonnet cause 140 characters is a bit short for that. Wrong medium. But you know what he would have? A very active twitter FULL OF DICK PUNS AND YOUR MOM JOKES okay. (And probably also a blog for the sonnets and longer works, that cross-posts links to twitter anyway.)

Get out of here with that pretentious anti-technology bullshit.

He’d rock the fuck out of memes. Don’t deny it.

Exit, pursued by a doge.

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I don’t understand people who try to make Shakespeare into a pretentious thing cause he was basically an uneducated dick-joke making dude for the common masses. His historical plays are straight up fanfiction. There’s a scene in Macbeth where two guards are having a conversation as a dude pees on a wall. Get out of here with your Shakespeare snobbery.

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Hey:) My latest book just came out. It's a YA book entitled Drama Unsung. It's about seniors in a high school drama club who are performing Les Misérables. Do you mind posting about this on your blog? Thanks! Jennifer Jamelli

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A comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing ever grows there.

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The Last 5 Years Film Plans American Release for Valentine's Day →


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NBC has revealed the first photo of Allison Williams as the iconic title character for the December 4 telecast of “Peter Pan Live!”