Image from Vsevold Meyerhold, Biomechanics Workshop, 1920

The actors acting in his productions employed a particularly physical method developed by Meyerhold himself which is known as Biomechanics.This technique consisted in a series of exercised that helped the actor release emotional potential through movement. Gerald Raugin in his article “Bodies, Things, and Social Machines” descibes biomechanics as follows:

" Contrary to the psychology of the plot and to an empathetic audience, the core components of biomechanics were the rhythm of language and the rhythm of physical movement, postures and gestures arising from these rhythms, coordinating the movement of the body and bodies with one another. The development of the plot was not to come from “within”, from the psyche or mind, but rather “from outside”, through the movement of the body in space. These components were created through an economy of means of expression, control of bodies and gestures, precision and tempo of movement, speed of reaction and improvisation. Meyerhold’s acting school was not merely a school for gymnastics and acrobatics, but rather attempted to bring the actors to calculate and coordinate their movements before that and beyond it, to organize their material, to organize the body.”

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But wait, there’s more! (Still just a tease, but more!)

We can talk about the use of the “I wish” motive with inverted rhythm (a la “A Very Nice Prince”) and how strange and distracting and altering that is later. And I still can’t get over the disappearance of the Mysterious Man, but…

Right now I just need to revel in the fact that Into the Woods is a trending topic! … well, okay, and be a little weirded out by Meryl’s voice speaking Witch lines…

We can haz singingz soon, Diznee?!


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It was only in the theatre that I lived

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Stage Musicals.
The ones filmed on stage are not always the best quality. I tried to include every version I could find. Most of these are the movie versions, if a version was available. Enjoy!
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Wow. This is intense.

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